Common Business Letters

  1. Business Introduction Letter
  2. Cover Letter for Job Applicants
  3. Invoice and Payment Reminder Letter
  4. Purchase Order Letter
  5. Proposal or Quotation Letter
  6. Order Confirmation Letter
  7. Thank You Letter to Customers
  8. Request for Testimonials or Reviews
  9. Business Partnership Proposal Letter
  10. Contract Termination Letter
  11. Employee Offer Letter
  12. Employee Termination Letter
  13. Resignation Acceptance Letter
  14. Complaint Response Letter
  15. Warranty or Return Policy Letter
  16. Request for Information Letter
  17. Sales and Marketing Letter
  18. Collection Letter for Outstanding Payments
  19. Referral Request Letter
  20. Change of Address Notification Letter
  21. Event Invitation Letter
  22. Business Anniversary or Milestone Letter
  23. Donation Request Letter
  24. Legal Notice or Cease and Desist Letter
  25. New Product Launch Announcement